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The Stroh Story – The Spirit of Austria

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We know a lot about spiced rums nowadays, our high street bars are filled with them, from Captain Morgan’s to O’Hara’s… but what about Stroh? How much do you know about this Austrian Inlander Rum?

Stroll rum has been one of our best sellers, even before the arrival of the new Drinks Chest website. We have been importing and supplying Austrian bars and restaurants, as well as specialist rum bars, with Stroh since our wholesale business began many years ago.

History of Stroh

Sebastian Stroh distilled his first liquor in 1832 in Carinthia, starting an Austrian success story that has continued for more than 180 years. Stroh grew steadily as a family business and soon gained an excellent reputation for its products, awarded the Grand Gold Medal at the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1900, a world’s fair that celebrates the achievements of the past century and aims to accelerate development into the next.

The current brown glass bottle in its typical Stroh styled flask-shape shows the classic and bright orange Stroh label, recognised everywhere in the world.

The Stroh Recipe

The former state of Austria–Hungary had no access to the sugarcane molasses from the world’s tropical regions. The local producers originally created a style of rum, what was known as Inlander Rum, by replacing the sugarcane molasses aroma with a mixture of flavorants and dyes added to a diluted ethanol basis. Today this Austrian rum is made from sugarcane by-products according to EU regulations, while the traditional flavour is provided by traditional essences.

The recognisable characteristics of Stroh rum are its delicately aromatic taste with harmonious unique notes. Stroh continues to refine its rum with the finest essences according to old Austrian tradition and the secret family recipe.

Stroh Products

Stroh Rum is available in a variety of strengths; Drinks Chest specifically stocks Stroh 80, an 80% ABV version of the Austrian spirit, seldom drunk neat. You can also purchase one of the Stroh family’s other creations, Stroh Obst Apple and Pear Schnapps, a distinct twist on a traditional Schnapps drink, extremely popular in central Europe.


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